AP, IB, CLEP, Cambridge Credit

Advanced Placement Program (AP)

For each AP course taken, an AP Exam is administered at participating schools worldwide. Each AP Exam is given an overall grade of 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5, with 5 indicating a student who is extremely well qualified to receive college credit and/or advanced placement based on an AP Exam grade.

The ASU AP Credit Policy indicates that the university does not accept any scores lower than “3” and sometimes gives additional credit for scores of “4” or “5.” Review our credit policy to determine the score that you need to have to be awarded credit.

AP Scores are acessible online. Each report is cumulative and includes grades for all the AP Exams you have ever taken. If you did not have your scores sent to ASU, it is not too late. Follow the instructions on the AP web site at https://apstudent.collegeboard.org/takingtheexam/score-reporting-services to have your scores sent to App State (school code 5010). The cost is $15 for each transcript sent or $25 for a "rush" service.

If you are an incoming freshman and you have questions concerning your AP scores, contact the ASU Office of Admissions at www.admissions.appstate.edu. If you are a continuing student, you should contact the Office of the Registrar.

The International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) Diploma Program

The International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO), founded in 1968, is a recognized leader in the field of international education. It is a non-profit foundation that works with 1,462 schools worldwide to develop and offer three challenging programs to approximately 200,000 students.

The IBO’s Diploma Program (DP) was also created in 1968. It is a demanding two year, pre-university course of study that leads to examinations. It is designed for highly motivated secondary school students aged 16 to 19. Similar to Advanced Placement (AP) examinations, students enrolled in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program earn credit hours or advanced placement in college courses. Review the ASU IB Credit Policy to determine the score that you need to have to be awarded credit.

IB grade reports are automatically sent in July to you, your participating high school, and the colleges you designated when you took the exam. ASU receives these scores via email and posts them to your student records here. If you did not designate ASU as a score recipient, you can order them on line from the International Baccalaureate Organization at https://rrs.ibo.org/replacement_orders/. The cost is $16 per transcript request.

College-Level Examination Program® (CLEP®) Testing

The College-Level Examination Program® (CLEP®) gives you the opportunity to earn college credit for what you already know with qualifying scores on one or more CLEP examinations. These exams test your knowledge of introductory college-level subjects.

Appalachian State University provides credit for successful scores on over 20 CLEP exams. The link below lists the exam(s) for which credit is granted, the required score, and the equivalent course you would bypass. The College Board's website provides additional information about CLEP exams, including exam descriptions and test preparation resources: www.collegeboard.com/clep. You can also contact your academic advisor to discuss whether CLEP is right for you.

Review our CLEP Credit Policy to determine the score that you need to have to be awarded credit.

Cambridge International AS & A Levels

Thousands of learners use Cambridge International AS & A Level every year to gain places at leading universities worldwide. Students develop a deep understanding of subjects, as well as independent learning and constructive thinking skills – abilities which universities value highly. Cambridge International A Level is typically a two-year course, and Cambridge International AS Level is typically one year.

Review the ASU Cambridge AS & A Levels credit policy to determine the score that you need to have to be awarded credit.