Out of State Students

Credits transfer differently from each institution. There are two types of credit awarded-equivalent credit and elective credit. If a course is designated as an “Elective” that means we do not have an equivalent course here at ASU, it does not carry the same number of credit hours or is considered a junior or senior level course. That does not mean it cannot be applied in some way to the major or General Education requirements. Admitted students can petition for credit by completing the form and submitting it to OTS.

Things to Do:

  • Go to ASU Equivalency Guide to determine how your coursework transfers to ASU
  • Download the ASU General Education Program of Study to determine how your credit fits into our General Education Program
  • Access Program of Study in your intended ASU major to determine how your credits apply toward major requirements
  • Utilize our Four Year Guides to help you see how to stay on track and minimize your time to degree completion
  • View the Transfer Coursework Evaluation through your myApp account and use this information to assist in the registration process prior to Orientation
  • Go to the Advising Website when you are ready to register for courses at ASU

General Education requirements differ at each institution which means that some of your credit may not transfer neatly into our program. OTS will assist you in any way possible to get the most out of your transfer credit.

ASU does not automatically accept Associate in Arts or Associate in Science (AA/AS) degrees from out of state institutions, but the General Education Office will look at each case individually to determine if the coursework completed aligns with our General Education guidelines. For further information, contact gened@appstate.edu or 828.262.2028.

Don't forget to apply! Contact an Admissions Representative if you have any questions.