Bridge to Appalachian


Bridge to Appalachian

Bridge to Appalachian provides an avenue for student learning and support so students are able to obtain a bachelor's degree at Appalachian State University. North Carolina high school students who were denied admissions as a first-year student and opt-in to participate will attend a North Carolina community college for one year and will be provided a university admission and pre-transfer advisor to help with course selection at the community college and transition to the university.  The program’s commitment is to enhance student success by providing a transfer pathway that will improve student learning and build community.   


  • Dedicated advising from Appalachian's Associate Director of Transfer Advising
  • Guaranteed admission to Appalachian when transfer requirements are met
  • Invitation to special webinars, events, and newsletters designed to help students successfully transfer to and succeed at Appalachian
  • Required particiaption in learning community during first year at Appalchian to foster relationship building and campus engagement

Who is Eligible?

  • Recent North Carolina high school graduates
  • Student ineligible for first-year admission under regular admission standards but still demonstrate the potential to complete a degree in higher education

How to Apply

  • Students are identifed at the time of university application and are invited to paticipate in the program at the time an admission decision is made available
  • Students will be provided an electronic form to opt-in to the program

Participating Student Responsibilities

  • Paricipating students will attend a North Carolina community college for one year
  • Complete at least 24 new transfer hours (previously completed dual enrollment or early college courses do not count in the 24 hours) 
  • Achieve a minimum cumulative 2.25 GPA, as required for transfer admission. 

The Bridge to Appalachian program is full for the 2022-23 academic year.



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