Bridge to Appalachian


Bridge to Appalachian

Bridge to Appalachian is a collaborative transfer pathway program. The Bridge program provides North Carolina high school students who were denied admission as a first-year student the opportunity to attend Appalachian as a transfer student.

Eligible students will receive an invitation offer which they must accept. Upon accepting the invitation and opting in to participate, Bridge students will attend a North Carolina community college of their choosing for one year. Appalachian's Transfer Admissions and Engagement office will work with students to understand how to use Appalachian's transfer guides to select community college coursework that fits into bachelor degrees at Appalachian.


  • Dedicated advising 
  • Guaranteed admission to Appalachian after transfer requirements are met
  • Access to webinars and events designed to help students successfully transfer to and succeed at Appalachian

Who is Eligible?

  • Recent North Carolina high school graduates
  • Students who demonstrate the potential to complete a degree in higher education but were not eligible for first-year admissions 
  • Students must receive and accept the Bridge invitation offer to participate

How to Apply

  • The admissions office will identify eligible students at the time they apply based on certain application factors. Eligible students will be invited to participate in the program when their admission decision is made available
  • Students will be provided an electronic form to opt-in to the program
  • If given a Bridge offer, the invitation must be accepted by the May 15th deadline 

What to Know

  • Appalachian will provide virtual introduction sessions to help students learn more about the program and how to select their community college classes
  • Students will be required to attend virtual group advising sessions periodically
  • Students who do not accept the Bridge offer are still able to apply to Appalachian as a transfer student one year after being denied first-year admission

Participating Student Responsibilities

  • Attend a North Carolina community college for one year  (A year is considered the fall and spring semester after high school graduation)
  • Complete at least 24 new transfer credit hours (previously completed dual enrollment or early college courses do not count in the 24 hours) 
  • Achieve a minimum cumulative 2.25 GPA and 24 transferable credit hours with final grades of "C" or better as required for transfer admission
  • Bridge to Appalachian Timeline

How do I know what community college courses transfer?

Appalachian has multiple resources to help you understand which community courses to choose. Below are our transfer guides and course equivalency database. The transfer guides show specific course requirements that are beneficial to take at community colleges. 

Transfer Guides

Course Equivalency Database 




Ruthanne Combs, Coordinator of Transfer Pathway Programs

Transfer Admissions & Engagement