Student Mentors

About the Transfer Student Mentors

One of the success stories of helping transfer students is the students themselves. The Transfer Student Mentors (TSMs) are a group of transfer students who have successfully transferred to Appalachian.  The TSMs assist incoming transfer students by providing accurate information and helping students get connected with the Appalachian community and campus. The TSMs visit community colleges, lead campus tours, reach out to admitted students, support Transfer Student Orientation, and transfer student events.

The  TSMs remain available to students once they transfer to campus. They can answer questions, help students navigate their first semester on a new campus, assist students with ways to get involved or just meet for coffee and conversation.  The TSMs are here to help students be successful at Appalachian. Students may connect with them through email, social media, Google chat or over a cup of coffee on campus.

The TSM program is a student leadership program that helps students develop leadership, mentorship, communication, public speaking, and a strong sense of identify as a member of the Appalachian community.


  • Logan Childers (Transferred from UNC Asheville)

    Hi, my name is Logan Childers and I transferred from UNC Asheville. My major is Music Industries. One of my favorite spots on campus is hanging out on the Mall playing music or spending time with the dogs. Please feel free to contact me at
  • Hanne Cooke (Transferred from Catawba Valley Community College)

    Hello Mountaineers, my name is Hanne Cooke and I transferred from Catawba Valley Community College in Hickory, NC. My major is Elementary Education with a concentration in Mathematics, Science, and Technology. I am a member of the Women's Club Volleyball team here at App State. Some of my favorite spots on campus are Stanford Mall and the Solarium. One piece of advice every new transfer student here at App should know is that you have to go out of your comfort zone to meet new people and to figure out what you love to do on campus! Please contact me if you have any questions at 
  • Luis Cruz (Transferred from Gaston College)

    Hi, my name is Luis and I transferred from Gaston College. My major is Graphic Design but in my free time you'll find me hanging out on Sanford Mall or with my camera capturing the beauty of the high country. Feel free to aks me questions at 
  • Kaiyah Dooley (Transferred from College of the Albemarle)

    Hello Mountaineers! My name is Kaiyah Dooley and I transferred from College of the Albemarle in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. My major is Psychology with a concentration in Human Services, and a minor in Sociology. My favorite spots on campus are the Solarium, Sanford Mall, and the Library! I also enjoy walking around King Street and going hiking around Boone. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out, feel free to contact me at
  • Jennie Douglas (Transferred from Wittenberg University)

    Hi Mountaineers, I am Jennie Douglas and I transferred from Wittenberg University in Ohio. I am a Cell/Molecular Biology major . I love to study on campus in the Solarium in the Plemmons Student Union. This space has waterfalls and it is very relaxing. I also love to go walking at Brookshire Park. I am happy to answer your questions so please contact me at
  • Yairis Gameros-Escobedo (Transferred from Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute)

    Hi mountaineers! My name is Yairis Gameros-Escobedo. I am a Studio Art major and also involved in the Latin Hispanic Alliance, K-POP Association and Kaptivate. I enjoy dancing on campus especially at the Dance Part on Transfer Tuesdays. Please contact me in you have questions about transferrring to App State at
  • Picture of Kathryn Jennings

    Kathryn Jennings (Transferred from University of Charleston)

    Hello Mountaineers, my name is Kathryn Jennings and I transferred from the University of Charleston. I am a Biology major and a member of the Women's Club Volleyball here at App State, and Delta Delta Sigma the dental club. I like to play volleyball in Varsity Gym. One piece of advice every new transfer student here at App should know is that you are not alone, and getting out of your comfort zone is a good thing.  You are welcome to contact me at  and I would be happy to answer any questions.
  • Alejandro Torres (Transferred from Central Piedmont Community College)

    Hey everyone! My name is Alejandro Torres and I transferred from Central Piedmont Community College. I have two majors, one in Marketing and the other in Supply Chain Management. I am also President of Lyric: Spoken Word which is a community poetry club. One of my many favorite spots on campus is Durham Park under one of the large trees next to the stream. I am always open to chat at!