Non-Traditional Students

We know in this time of online learning due to the coronavirus you may need some assistance. Below are some resources - please feel free to reach out to us if we can help you!
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non_trad_small.jpgAppalachian values the diversity that our varying student populations bring to campus, classroom discussions, and social organizations. You may identify as a member of our non-traditional student population if you:

Are 24 years old or older
Are married, divorced, or partnered
Are a parent or caregiver of a family member
Are a military veteran, reserve, or active duty

Holistic Admissions

You are a non-traditional student if you are 24 years of age or older. Appalachian reviews non-traditional student applicants through a holistic review process. If you have attempted college coursework since graduating high school, please review our transfer application requirements. If you have not attended college since graduating high school, please review our first-year application requirements. If you do not qualify for admissions through either of these methods, please contact your admissions counselor to discuss additional materials to submit to allow for a holistic review.


Students who commute daily to Appalachian from an area outside of Boone/off the AppalCart route (typically referred to as "down the mountain") can speak to Parking (in person); they will work with you to try and find the best possible solution for you. 


Boone's off-campus student housing market is often geared to a single rental where students rent an individual bedroom. Finding rentals for couples or families can be more difficult. Below is a list of some rental companies/complexes Off-Campus Student Services recommends for couples or families:

Resources for finding off-campus housing include the Off-Campus Student Housing database and Appalachian's Human Resource Marketplace.

Family Support Resources

Veteran Services

Appalachian is dedicated to helping military-affiliated students thrive on campus and in the community. Resources include the Student Veteran Resource Center, a dedicated staff member who works as a single point-of-contact for student veterans, and a vibrant Student Veteran Association. Visit for more information.

Support Resources

The Social Work Care Collaborative provides non-traditional students with a virtual support group (Balancing Act) to address concerns such as balancing work, school, and personal life; isolation/connection; and building confidence through the unique perspective of non-traditional students.  

Glossary of Higher Ed Terms

Higher Education is full of unique terms and App State certainly has its fair share. Some terms make sense or can be figured out rather easily. Other terms are more confusing, even if you have been through the college-going experience previously at another school or witnessed it through the eyes of a family member. This App State-specific Glossary of Higher Ed Terms is intended to help demystify your experience.


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Events for Non-Traditional Students

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Non-Traditional Student Work Group

Wish to connect with someone from our work group?
Nikki Crees, Orientation; Chanel Frisco, University College Advising; Judy Haas, Dean of Students; Alex Howard, Wellness & Prevention Services; Greg Lester, Office of Student Success; Kim Morton, Transfer Admissions & Engagement