Non-Traditional Students


non_trad_small.jpgAppalachian values the diversity that our varying student populations bring to campus, classroom discussions, and social organizations. You may identify as a member of our non-traditional student population if you:

Are 25 years old or older
Are married, divorced, or partnered
Are a parent or caregiver of a family member
Are a military veteran, reserve, or active duty


Students who commute daily to Appalachian from an area outside of Boone/off the AppalCart route (typically referred to as "down the mountain") can speak to Parking (in person); they will work with you to try and find the best possible solution for you. 


Boone's off-campus student housing market is often geared to a single rental where students rent an individual bedroom. Finding rentals for couples or families can be more difficult. Below is a list of some rental companies/complexes Off-Campus Student Services recommends for couples or families:

Resources for finding off-campus housing include the Off-Campus Student Housing database and Appalachian's Human Resource Marketplace.

Family Support Resources

Veteran Services

Appalachian is dedicated to helping military-affiliated students thrive on campus and in the community. Resources include the Student Veteran Resource Center, a dedicated staff member who works as a single point-of-contact for student veterans, and a vibrant Student Veteran Association. Visit for more information.


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Events for Non-Traditional Students

Coffee Social, Wednesday, January 22; 3:30 - 4:30pm in Watauga River Room (Student Union)
Join us for a free cup of coffee while connecting with other non-traditional students!