Community College & High School Counselors

We appreciate your dedication and hope that you find our resources helpful as you prepare students for their next steps. Here, you will find dedicated advising information for transfer students and geneal information for all students at our Educators and Advisors page. Please reach out to our office if you have questions or would like to schedule a visit with your institution.

Transfer 101 video for ACA classes

Appalachian Faculty & Staff

We value and appreciate all you do to help transfer students as they navigate the transfer process during their time at Appalachian! Here you can learn more about specific processes when advising a student with transfer credit, learn how to become a Faculty Mentor or review general information and statistics about our transfer students.

Transfer Services Team

The Transfer Services Team was created in 2015 as part of the Enrollment Planning Council and works collaboratively across campus, disciplines, and divisions to:

  • Use current available data to identify transfer student needs - both academically and socially - and where Appalachian is meeting or not meeting those needs. 
  • Identify units across campus that can provide transfer student-specific programs or integrate transfer students into existing programs, and assist in executing these programs. 
  • Raise awareness of transfer student issues among faculty and staff. 

Transfer Symposium

The aim of the Transfer Symposium is to raise awareness about transfer students and the issues they face, so that faculty and staff can better understand the students with whom they work.