Military Credit

The Office of Transfer Services accepts and will review Joint Services Transcripts.  Upon credit review by OTS and the department chair, any applicable credit will be added to the student’s record.  For more information regarding military credit visit the American Council on Education.  To request a Joint Services Transcript please visit

With the submission of a DD214 long form, DD220 or Joint Services Transcript indicating basic training, Appalachian may award up to 8 semester hours of the following Military Science credit:

  • MSL 1001 (1 semester hour)

  • MSL 1002 (1 semester hour)

  • MSL 1101 (2 semester hours) –General Education Wellness Literacy credit

  • MSL 2001 (2 semester hours)

  • MSL 2002 (2 semester hours)

OTS will award MSL 1101 for students who have not met the General Education Wellness Literacy requirement.  The remaining 6 semester hours will be added at the request of the student.  We suggest students contact their academic advisor and financial aid to determine if credits would be beneficial to them.  Students who are interested in the Army Officer program should contact the Department of Military Science & Leadership prior to determining if their credits should be applied.Any credit added to a student record cannot be removed.  

All applicants should submit documentation directly to the Admissions Office preferably during the application process.

North Carolina Military Education Positioning: Providing military affiliated students with the resources they need to explore North Carolina's higher education options, the tools to successfully navigate the application, admission and enrollment process, and the knowledge to graduate and pursue their career goals. Please utilize the link below to create your account today!

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