The Office of Transfer Services is located in the John Thomas Building in Suite 130. We are open 8am-5pm Monday-Friday. Please feel free to contact us at 828.262.7877 or by email at ots@appstate.edu.


Office of Transfer Services Staff


Selena DollarSelena Dollar
Assistant Director of Transfer Services


My name is Selena Dollar and I serve as the Assistant Director in the Office of Transfer Services. My main job responsibilities are to supervise the articulation unit and provide support for the office's technical needs. One recent improvement we have made is to the Transfer Course Equivalency Search. It now enables students to create their own preliminary credit evaluations. Our office strives to communicate changes in General Education and specific majors by providing the most current course information through the Transfer Course Equivalency Search. The thing I enjoy most about my job is the opportunity to help students and the Transfer Course Equivalency Search is just one of the tools we use in assisting.






Jayne DowdyJayne Dowdy
Transfer Admissions Counselor


My name is Jayne Dowdy and as the Associate Director of Admissions for transfer students, I partner with the Office of Transfer Services to provide seamless transfer services to our students. My role is to help our transfer students join the Appalachian family by guiding them through the admissions process. I also serve as the military liaison in the admissions office. What do I love best about my job? Hands down it is the students! Their perseverance, drive and unique perspectives make me want to come to work each day and to hopefully be a better person. I particularly enjoy working with other colleagues who assist our students, and I always look forward to building and strengthening relationships with all our community college partners.







Traci HartleyTraci Hartley
Transfer Credit Evaluator


My name is Traci Hartley and I am a Transfer Credit Evaluator in the Office of Transfer Services. My main job responsibility is to evaluate transfer credit for incoming and enrolled students at Appalachian. We strive to ensure credit is accurately applied to a student's General Education and major requirements. We also hope to empower prospective and enrolled students by providing resources needed for them to achieve success in pursuing their degree at Appalachian. The thing I enjoy most about my job is working as part of a team, not only with the staff in the Office of Transfer Services, but with colleagues all across campus who serve our students.









Matt Huntanar
Jump Start Appalachian Coordinator


 My name is Matt Huntanar and I am the Jump Start Appalachian Coordinator. Working with the Transfer Student Mentors, I help prospective and admitted students make a successful transition to Appalachian State University. As a transfer student myself, I understand the challenges and rewards of transferring to a new campus. Through regular visits to the campuses of our community college partners my goal is to meet and speak with prospective students and help them navigate the transfer transition process. The best part of my job is helping students find balance between their academic studies, campus activities, and the outdoor adventures that await students in the High Country. My door is always open and I'm glad to help!  



Kim MortonKim Morton
Associate Director of Transfer Services


My name is Kim Morton and I am the Associate Director in the Office of Transfer Services. I work with transfer students once they arrive at Appalachian providing transitional support, facilitating engagement in campus life, and overseeing retention efforts. Through targeted communication, transfer specific events, and encouragement my goal is to make sure every transfer student integrates successfully into campus and academic life at Appalachian State University. Students are invited to contact me or stop by my office for any reason. I am here to help and support you! What I like most about my job is witnessing the growth and transformation of our students as they gain confidence and success in their progression at Appalachian State.






Jenna ReedJenna Reed
Transfer Credit Evaluator


My name is Jenna Reed and I am one of the transfer credit evaluators in the Office of Transfer Services. I started Appalachian State University as a transfer student myself and received my bachelor's degree in Psychology and a master's degree in College Student Development. My professional career started in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at Appalachian State University recruiting transfer students. My main role in the Office of Transfer Services is to make sure that credits are applied appropriately either into a student's major or into Appalachian State University's General Education Program. I also serve as a liaison with the Office of Distance Education ensuring a smooth transition for those cohort based students as well. The thing I enjoy the most about my job is the great group of people that I am blessed to be able to work with. We all work really hard as a team to assist transfer students in any capacity that we can.



Jane RexJane Rex
Director of Transfer Services


Whether you are a prospective student or a current student I am glad you have visited our website. After 27 years in higher education, (23 at the community college) I still love working with students and helping them navigate the transfer process. More importantly, I am committed to empowering students to take responsibility for their academic success and I will work with you to achieve that goal! Our door is always open.








Susan Tate

Susan Tate
Administrative Assistant


My name is Susan Tate and I am very happy to be the Administrative Assistant in the Office of Transfer Services. I was a transfer student myself, completing my degree in Recreation Management at Appalachian. I then went on to be a flight attendant for several years, and enjoyed traveling all over the world. Now I am thrilled to be back at App, working with students and assisting them as they navigate the transfer process. I strive to provide warm, friendly customer service to everyone. As Administrative Assistant it is my duty to direct students to all available resources incuding navigating our website, directing phone calls, one-on-one appointments with our staff, as well as responding to emails. I appreciate the welcoming, friendly and supportive environment of our office. We strive to work as a team and enjoy helping to bring transfer students to the Mountaineer community.







Beth WattsBeth Watts
Transfer Transition Advisor


My name is Beth Watts and I am the Transfer Transition Advisor in the Office of Transfer Services. My main goal is to assist prospective transfer students to successfully navigate the transfer process by advising for general education and major requirements. I strive to provide accurate and timely customer service, providing students with the resources and tools to be successful at Appalachian State University. As a previous transfer student, I understand the challenges many nontraditional students encounter and can offer a compassionate perspective on the transfer process. It is my hope that through the combined efforts of all, transfer students will be successful not only at Appalachian but in their lives beyond.