Petition for Credit

Petition for Credit

A student may petition to have a transfer course equated to a specific Appalachian course by completing the petition process. A designated faculty member from the department will review your petition and decide, at their discretion, to approve or deny. Allow 2 - 3 weeks for a decision (decisions will be communicated via your AppState email). Approved course adjustments will be reflected in your DegreeWorks audit.

NOTE: Applicants who choose not to attend may be required to re-submit a petition for review when applying for a future term.

How to petition:

  1. Review your Transfer Coursework Evaluation by either:
    1. logging into DegreeWorks and selecting the Class History link; or by
    2. logging into AppalNET, clicking on the Student  tab, then clicking the Student Records link, then selecting Transfer Coursework Evaluation
  2. Identify the transfer course that you would like to petition.
  3. Familiarize yourself with both our Bulletin and our General Education page (select the most recent Programs of Study) to determine which AppState course(s) you wish to receive.
  4. Complete the Petition for Transfer Credit form (PDF) and submit information to Transfer Admissions and Engagement.

* Click here for a SAMPLE of a completed Petition form

** Click here for instructions on an ALTERNATE option for petitioning R C 2001 "Second Year Writing" credit (for students who petitioned an English / Writing course for R C 2001 and were denied)

Petition for General Education Credit

After a department has already reviewed a petition, a student may also petition to have a transfer course reviewed for General Education credit. Contact the Office of General Education at or 828.262.2028 to initiate a petition for GenEd credit. All supporting documentation (such as a syllabus and/or course description) must be included.

The Office of General Education will decide if course credit should be awarded, and they will notify you via your AppState e-mail.


Petition for Credit Older than 10 Years

Most courses older than 10 years at time of entry/re-entry to Appalachian will transfer initially as elective credit (identified by ELET in the course title). If you wish to have a 10+ year-old course reviewed, please complete the petition process (outlined above).