R C 2001 Petition Instructions

Students petitioning credit for R C 2001 should carefully review the following information to determine the best method for course review.  

1. Traditional Petition If the syllabus of the transfer course clearly indicates that writing across the curriculum is evident, then a course syllabus with the completed Petition for Transfer Credit form (PDF) should be submitted for review to transfer@appstate.edu.

2. Alternate Petition (for R C 2001 ONLY) If the traditional petition was denied OR if the syllabus does not clearly indicate writing across the curriculum, then as a means of alternate petition, a student may provide evidence of successful completion (grade of C or better) of two or more research-based, writing-intensive courses outside of an English or creative writing department or program (e.g., natural sciences, fermentation sciences, behavioral and social sciences, engineering, fine and performing arts, education). In order for these two or more research-based, writing-intensive courses to be reviewed for alternative transfer credit for R C 2001, a student must submit syllabi that indicate the following in each course:

  • Requirement #1: WRITING IS COMPREHENSIVELY INTEGRATED INTO THE COURSE. The writing in the course is clearly tied to the course objectives and course outcomes.

  • Requirement #2: WRITING IS A SIGNIFICANT PART OF THE COURSEWORK.  Course material clearly indicates that students must compose a combined total of at least 10 pages (2500 words) or the equivalent in genres and modes of production and non-MLA citation (e.g., APA, CMS, etc.) appropriate for the course and discipline. These compositions may be distributed over a variety of assignments or through a single major assignment.

  • Requirement #3: WRITING IS A SIGNIFICANT PART OF THE COURSE GRADE. Writing must be a major component of the final course grade, with this relationship detailed in the  syllabus.

To submit an alternate petition for R C 2001, please download the R C 2001 ALTERNATE Petition form (PDF), follow the instructions carefully (e.g., combine the form with a syllabus from EACH course), and email the file to TAE (transfer@appstate.edu). Allow 2 - 3 weeks for a decision from the Department of English.