UNC Online

** UPDATE: Effective end of spring 2022 semester, the UNC Online program will operate on a limited basis per the UNC System Office. Moving forward, students will only be able to use the UNC Online portal to register for language exchange courses. Appalachian students wanting to register for an online course at another UNC system school outside of a language exchange course should use the Visiting Coursework portal (via AppalNet) to request permission to take any course(s) away prior to taking the course(s) and, if approved by their college to take the course(s) away, will need to work directly with the visiting institution to research course availability and to register for the course(s).

 Appalachian State University degree seeking students may register for online courses offered through other UNC Campuses via the University of North Carolina Online website. Students must be approved by the home and host institutions to participate in the program and can begin the approval process by registering for the desired course(s) through the UNC Online site. Policies regarding UNC Online can be found on the Registrar's webpage.

How to register for a UNC Online course

  1. Search for courses through the UNC Online website and decide what course(s) you wish to take by choosing "Courses" from the UNC Online menu. Note: The UNC Online World Language Exchange offers less commonly taught languages across the UNC system and the student can view these course offerings by choosing "Exchanges" from the UNC Online menu.
  2. Utilize the Course Equivalency Search to determine how the course(s) will transfer back to Appalachian. Please contact Transfer Admissions and Engagement if the course does not appear on the Course Equivalency Search to verify transferability.
  3. Add the desired course(s) to the Basket in order to register, then complete the registration process by agreeing to the terms of the home and host institutions. Note: All decisions and communication will occur within the UNC Online system.
  4. UNC Online will notify both the home and host institutions of your intent to register for the specified course(s) and will review the registration request(s). Once an approve / deny decision is made, you will receive an email from Transfer Admissions and Engagement, notifying you of whether your request has been approved or denied (typically within 2 - 3 weeks of submitting your request). Be sure to check your AppState email account for this decision.
  5. Students are not required to submit a final transcript for a UNC Online course. Grading is handled internally between Appalachian and the host institution.

Student Responsibilities

  • The Visiting Coursework Request Form is not required of students participating in a UNC Online course.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to communicate with their advisor to determine how the course meets degree requirements.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to follow the admission requirements, registration procedures, and prerequisites at the visiting collegiate institution.
  • If the student requires credit for courses at the 3000 level or above, they must receive approval from the appropriate departmental chairperson prior to submitting the UNC Online request. To request permission, students may submit the Petition for Credit form to Transfer Admissions and Engagement at transfer@appstate.edu, who will route to the department for review. Or they may work with the department directly and forward an approval from the chairperson to transfer@appstate.edu. If using the Petition process, please indicate to Transfer Admissions and Engagement that your request is for an upcoming UNC Online Course. NOTE: If approved by the department, the student must return to the UNC Online portal and complete the process by registering for the UNC Online course.
  • A student will not receive transfer credit for any course with a grade lower than “C” (2.0). Grades of “C-“ (1.7) and below will not transfer.
  • A student cannot repeat a course at another institution in order to remove a low grade earned in a course taken at Appalachian. Grades earned at another collegiate institution will not be computed in or allowed to affect the grade-point-average at Appalachian.
  • The approval is only valid for the term indicated. 
  • Failure to request prior permission may result in the course(s) not being accepted.