Aspire Appalachian

Aspire Appalachian Co-Admission Program

Aspire Appalachian = peace of mind that you are guaranteed admission to Appalachian after you complete your Associate degree!

Aspire Appalachian is a seamless pathway for students enrolled at partner community colleges to complete their degree at Appalachian. Students participating will receive dedicated advising assistance from both their community college and Appalachian, Aspire programming and newsletters, and special events.


  • Guaranteed admission to Appalachian
  • On-site admissions and academic advising by Appalachian
  • Assigned advisor from their community college
  • Coordinated financial aid programs
  • Invitation to special webinars, events, and newsletters designed to help you successfully transfer to and succeed at Appalachian

How to Apply

  • Complete the Aspire Appalachian intent form (see link below).
  • Full admission to the program requires completion of ACA 122 with a grade of C or better.
  • Once accepted, students will be contacted by their college's Appalachian admissions contact. If students have any questions prior to that contact, please email
  • One semester prior to the last semester at their community college students will apply to Appalachian.

Who Can Apply?

Students who:

  • Are in process of completing, or have completed, ACA 122 at their community college with a grade of C or better;
  • Have at least two semesters remaining at the community college;
  • Are on track toward completion of an eligible two-year associate degree transfer programs (approved programs include Associate of Arts [AA], Associate of Science [AS], Associate in Arts in Teacher Preparation [AATP], Associate in Science in Teacher Preparation [ASTP], or Associate in Applied Science [AAS] degrees through an institutional or state-wide articulation agreement).

* Note: Dual enrolled students are not eligible while still enrolled in high school. Students who graduate from high school and then continue at the community college with a year or more remaining are eligible.

App State's Eligibility Requirements

  • Complete an eligible associate degree program within 3 years from date of acceptance into the Aspire Appalachian program. Students must be full-time students (minimum 12 credits per semester).
  • Graduate from their community college with 2.25 GPA or higher.

**All transfer applicants must meet a minimum 2.25 cumulative GPA in all college coursework and be in good standing academically and disciplinarily.