Transfer Services Team

The Transfer Services Team was created in 2015 as part of the Enrollment Planning Council and works collaboratively across campus, disciplines, and divisions to:

  • Use current available data to identify transfer student needs - both academically and socially - and where Appalachian is meeting or not meeting those needs. 
  • Identify units across campus that can provide transfer student-specific programs or integrate transfer students into existing programs, and assist in executing these programs. 
  • Raise awareness of transfer student issues among faculty and staff. 

Membership includes faculty and staff from across campus who meet monthly. Recent accomplishments include:

  • Transfer Student Experience Stragegic Plan 2021-2026
  • Creation of the Transfer Champion Award
  • Enhanced support of Early College students including the creation of an Early College Residential Learning Community
  • Advising by certain Colleges during Orientation of students with General Education completed
  • Research and proposals of other topics including a centrally located Transfer Center, Transfer Seminar, and transfer scholarship policies.

2023-24 Members of the Transfer Services Team include:

Lee Cope, Student Learning Center
Sarah Garrow, Orientation
Amanda Harper, IRAP
Kristin Hyle, General Education
Jillian Webber, Housing
Jonathan Ibarra, Financial Aid
Julie Karaus, University Writing Center
Maria Kowalsky, Career Development
Kelly McCallister, University Libraries
Kim Morton, Transfer Admissions & Engagement (Chair)
Laura Newmark, University College Advising
Jaehee Post, Mathematics (College of Arts & Sciences)
Emma Robinson, Counseling
Robin Romanus, Accounting (College of Business)
Karla Rusch, Off-Campus Student Services
Colleen Tarantino, Health & Exercise Science (College of Health Sciences)
Heather Waldroup, Art (College of Fine & Applied Arts; Honor's College)