Helping Students

Petitioning for Transfer Credit

When reviewing transfer course(s), if it is determined a course is not equivalent to an Appalachian credit but may be applicable in the General Education, it may be petitioned directly to the General Education Office using the following process:

  1. E-mail a request to General Education ( in the General Education Office
  2. Include the student’s Banner ID and course(s) to be reviewed for General Education.
  3. The Assistant Director will respond to the student indicating the decision after the review.

 If it is determined a course should be reviewed by the department for equivalent credit, follow these steps:

  1. The student should complete the Petition for Credit process and attach all supporting documentation as indicated on the form.
  2. Submit the form directly to Transfer Admissions and Engagement for distribution to the department.
  3. Transfer Admissions and Engagement will receive the petition after the review by the department.
  4. Transfer Admissions and Engagement will notify the student of the decision, update the student's record, if necessary, and file the documentation in the student's record.

Associate in Arts/Science

Students who complete the Associate in Arts or Associate in Science from a North Carolina Community College will meet Appalachian’s General Education requirements. A notation will be made on the student’s record “GEP MET” that indicates the student has completed requirements. The course will be listed with a grade of type of “TP” for those students who have the core in progress and a grade type of “CR” for those who have completed the AA/AS.

NOTE: Effective Fall 2012, any student with a grade of “D” in the AA/AS core curriculum will not be considered to have met Appalachian’s General Education Requirements.

Transfer Core Diploma

Another way a student can meet Appalachian’s General Education requirements is the completion of the Transfer Core Diploma. As of Fall 2015, the Transfer Core Diploma is not an option for students entering a North Carolina Community College; however, you may encounter a student who has previously completed the diploma. If the diplomas was awarded by a North Carolina Community College, we still recognize that it meets our General Education at Appalachian. The creation of a universal core that is accepted by all UNC Institutions replaced the need for the core diploma. These courses are referred to as UGETC (Universal General Education Transfer Component). A list of UGETC courses is provided on our website.

Equivalency Guide

Transfer Admissions and Engagement provides an online guide for faculty, staff and students to determine what courses are accepted from outside institutions. The guide is comprehensive for the North Carolina Community Colleges who currently have a common course library and indicates all courses currently under the Articulation Agreement. Course listings for four year and out-of-state two year institutions is not a direct reflection of the institution's entire catalog, the course listings have been created over time and acceptance of previous transfer student transcripts. If you are working with a student and have reviewed the guide but are unable to locate the course, you may contact the Transfer Admissions and Engagement office to review the course for transfer to Appalachian. Please submit an e-mail to for any course review request.

Link to Equivalency Guide:

State Reverse Transfer

North Carolina's Reverse Transfer Program is a state initiative where students are rewarded for credit they have already earned or will earn at the four year university. The program is designed to award an associate degree to students who previously attended a participating North Carolina Community College and fulfilled the associate degree requirements while working towards a bachelor’s degree at a North Carolina participating university. Please see the official website for more information:

Visiting Coursework

Visiting Coursework

Students can request to take courses away from Appalachian using the following procedure. Failure to request prior permission may result in the course(s) not being accepted towards degree.

  1. Determine what course(s) are applicable toward General Education/Major.
  2. Verify the course is offered at the institution they plan to attend.
  3. The student should request permission by logging into his/her AppalNet account. (Visiting Coursework Request Instructions)
  4. Student will be notified at their App State E-mail account after a decision is made.
  5. Approval notifications will have the Transient Approval Form attached
  6. Denied notifications will indicate student should contact Dean’s office with questions.
  7. Student should submit final transcript upon completion of the coursework to the Transfer Admissions and Engagement office.