Become a Faculty Mentor

Transfer students often lack the connections that students who began at Appalachian have developed. To assist them, we have available a trained group of faculty and staff with an appreciation for the road transfer students have taken.

Faculty Transfer Mentors are faculty or staff members interested in developing supportive, academic relationships with prospective and new Appalachian transfer students. Mentors will provide help in understanding the curriculum and the student’s remaining required coursework as well as provide guidance, support, and referral to resources that will benefit new students in a new environment. Mentors have the ability to influence, encourage, and guide transfer students to enhance their academic success.

Would you like to become a mentor?

Mentors should:

  • Be appreciative and knowledgeable of the unique path and needs of transfer students
  • Take advantage of professional development opportunities and materials provided by the Office of Transfer Services to better understand the transfer process and the support faculty can provide transfer students
  • Be available and approachable to prospective and current transfer students
  • Advocate for transfer students with colleagues and in your department
  • Consider the effects curriculum development and changes have on transfer courses and articulations
  • Mentors agree to have their name and contact information provided to prospective and current transfer students, listed on the Office of Transfer Services webpage, have a sticker displayed on their office door, and respond to inquiries from students in a timely manner.

If you are interested in becoming a Faculty Mentor, contact the Office of Transfer Services at 828-262-7877 or or register for an upcoming training session at