Professors in Your Corner Cheering!

Some students may pick their dream school months in advance, but this week's transfer spotlight has a different story to tell! After planning on going to a different university, Behka Gojak woke up one morning with a sudden change of heart. She told her parents she wanted to go to Boone right then and sign a lease, no questions asked. There was no going back, her parents' had told her, but within her first week of classes, Behka knew she made the right decision choosing Appalachian State.

Behka transferred from Wilkes Community College and grew up about 45 minutes from Boone. One of the biggest challenges she faced when transferring from Wilkes to Appalachian was the difference in course work. The workload in community college is incredibly different, but Behka knew that Appalachian State offered a ton of resources to help her get adjusted. She was afraid to reach out at first, especially since App is so large, and wasn’t sure where to get started. However, one of her favorite things about App State is the caring professors. She feels like they look at her as more than just a number on their attendance sheet and that they all truly want her to succeed. Knowing that your professor is in her corner cheering her on at all times is a great feeling!

Bheka is also a current member of the Special Events Council in the Appalachian Popular Programming Society (APPS.) Here, she gets to help plan campus events that take place throughout the school year, such as concerts and festivals. Behka’s advice for anyone thinking of transferring to Appalachian State University is to go for it! “Being a Mountaineer is a feeling that I can’t even begin to describe,” says Behka. “You walk onto this campus and everything feels like home. Plus, who doesn’t love bleeding black and gold on Saturdays at Kidd Brewer Stadium?”

For any prospective or current transfers out there, Behka encourages you to follow her on Instagram and reach out to her with any questions you may have. She is always down for library study sessions and grabbing a coffee on campus! We love how kind our transfer students are!

Published: Oct 7, 2019 8:23am