Women of Walker

When I first began my higher education at Ferrum College, I thought I would be receiving a degree in Business after four years. If someone told me that I would be graduating Appalachian State with a Bachelor’s degree in Management and have a career waiting for me as a Supply Chain Planner I would have called you crazy; well here I am, and loving every second. My dream is to open a bakery some day; however, while attending Appalachian State I stumbled into a field that is more of a passion than a class. Supply Chain is evident in all industries, very versatile and forever changing. I’ve since been involved in the Supply Chain Club on campus; thanks to my hard work and dedication I was nominated to join Women of Walker, a women’s empowerment group for the college of business. This group allows me to learn from top female executives the “in’s and out’s” of the business world; perusing a career in a male dominated field, I can relate very closely with his group of extraordinary women.

After my first semester I was lucky enough to “make the cut” as a Transfer Student Mentor. I am now able to help students who are unsure about App or may need their questions answered, a position I was in a short while ago. Being a mentor gave me back the confidence I once had. When you start at a new school as a upperclassmen, you may want to blend into the crowd since you don’t have all the answers for this new and excited place. I recommend that all transfer students apply to become a mentor; you are able to bring first-hand knowledge to the transfer office. Getting involved also allowed for me to become a member Tau Sigma the transfer student honor society.  

Transferring to Appalachian State has been the best decision of my life. Over the past two years I was challenged in my field of study, made amazing professional connections and stepped out of my comfort zone. If I didn’t decided to transfer to App I am certain I wouldn’t have the amazing future ahead that I have now.

Published: Feb 5, 2018 4:31pm