Building Sciences

Building Sciences:

3 concentrations:

  • Architectural Technology & Design

    • Transfer Guide/BDP

    • Building Sciences with a concentration in Architectural Technology and Design develops students’ skills in the thinking and making of sustainable buildings that contribute positively to the built environment. Architects formulate and develop innovative solutions to a multitude of important challenges and are required to think both synthetically and analytically.

  • Construction Management

    • Transfer Guide/BDP

    • Building Sciences with a concentration in Construction Management develops students’ skills in both the management and technological aspects of the construction industry, so they can become leaders in construction and construction-related industries.

  • Sustainable Building Systems

    • Transfer Guide/BDP

    • Building Sciences with a concentration in Sustainable Building Systems develops students’ skills in the analysis, evaluation and advancement of energy efficient design, construction and integrated building systems. As the financial and sustainability benefits of keeping occupants comfortable and healthy are better understood, businesses are investing in skilled professionals who can help them navigate the complexities of advanced building systems to achieve high performance in building comfort, health and energy efficiency.

*Students transferring after transfer degree completion should pay attention to the transfer guides to determine how long they will be at Appalachian.  This degree will require more than two years to complete.

**Foreign language is not required  for degree completion but is STRONGLY recommended.

***A minor is not required but STRONGLY recommended in Community & Regional Planning, General Business, or Sustainable Technology.

Major courses taken at community college:

MAT 171 (Grade of B or better required for the major)

PHY 151 & 152

COM 231

HUM 110