Beginning Summer 2021 the CIS department will no longer accept CIS 110 from NC Community Colleges as an equivalent of CIS 1060; instead the course will be articulated as CS 1410 (2) and CS Elec (1). The course will still count for Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 transfer students.  

Three major concentrations: BSBA

In Appalachian State University’s Marketing (BSBA) degree program, students learn how to drive industry initiatives that develop customer satisfaction and retention, contribute to company profits and build connections with suppliers, distributors and the community.

In this degree program, you will examine topics such as product management, marketing research, promotions, elements of sound price decisions, product distribution, the underlying determinants of buyer behavior, and the social and ethical considerations of marketing decisions. Practical experience is a strong-point of Appalachian’s program, with students encouraged to complete an internship, compete in regional and national competitions and network with industry professionals.

Admission to COB:

  • 2.6 GPA on 12+ hours at Appalachian

  • No more than five upper level business courses can be taken prior to admission to the COB

Courses recommended to be completed at community college:

MAT 152

MAT 263 or 271 (see note above)

BUS 115

ACC 120 & 121

ECO 251 & 252

*BUS 110 is not required for any business majors at Appalachian.

Automatic substitutions:

  • COB will accept any Calculus course (must have “Calculus” in the title; not “Pre-Calc”)  transferred from another school with at least 3 hours credit.

    • If MAT 263 not offered, students can take MAT 271 to meet COB Calculus requirements

  • MAT 152 transfers as STT 2820 and substitutes for ECO 2100