Admission to ASU’s BSN program is highly competitive.

  • The minimum overall combined GPA to apply is a 3.00 (this includes transfer grades as well).*
  • Admission to ASU’s BSN program is only ONCE A YEAR.
  • The application deadline is the 1st day of the spring semester. Decision letters are sent around March 1st.
  • Admitted students begin the program in May with 1st Summer Session coursework. Four hours of summer courses are currently required.
  • Approximately 45 students are accepted each year.
  • Typically, accepted BSN students have an overall combined GPA of 3.5 or higher, & varies from year to year.
  • B- (2.7) or better is required for all five science prerequisites.*
  • C (2.0) or better (no C-) is required for all non-science nursing prerequisites. *
  • A C.N.A. is a requirement for ASU’s BSN program (this differs from previous years)
  • Students should complete as many Nursing prerequisite courses as possible BEFORE applying to the BSN program. Some courses may be in-progress at time of application but must be completed before starting the BSN program.

*Past applicant data. The accepted students had the following averages:

  • Overall average GPA: 3.82 Overall GPA Range of 3.39 (this student had a 4.0 Science GPA) to 4.00
  • Overall SCIENCE GPA: 3.809; Overall SCIENCE GPA RANGE: 3.46 (greater than B+) to 4.00

Prerequisistes taken at community college:

  • MAT 1020 (MAT 171) College Algebra or STT 2820 (MAT 152) Stats
  • CHE 1101/1110 (CHM 151): Introductory Chemistry I
  • CHE 1102/1120 (CHM 152): Introductory Chemistry II
  • RC 1000 (ENG 111): First Year Writing
  • PSY 1200 (PSY 150): Psychological Foundations
  • SOC 1000 (SOC 210): The Sociological Perspective
  • PHL 2000 (PHI 240): Philosophy, Society & Ethics
  • NUT 2202 (BIO 155/NUT 110): Nutrition & Health
  • ES 2040(BIO 168): Human Anatomy
  • ES 2050 (BIO 169): Human Physiology
  • BIO 2200 (BIO 275): Human Microbiology
  • PSY 2210 (PSY 241): Human Growth & Development

Parallel Planning
Every pre-nursing student needs a parallel (alternative) plan in case they are not admitted to ASU’s BSN program. Choosing a parallel major is an important first step in this process. Students will work with their Appalachian advisor to develop a parallel plan.

Other Pathways to Nursing:

Apply to Accelerated BSN programs after completing a bachelor’s degree at ASU in your parallel major. 

Apply to multiple BSN programs while also applying to ASU’s BSN program. Be sure to research the other programs’
admission requirements and deadlines. Note: you may need to take additional courses or meet additional requirements to apply to certain programs.

Complete an Associate’s Degree in Nursing (ADN) program elsewhere and become a Registered Nurse (RN). Then return to ASU to complete our online RN to BSN degree while working as an RN.