Understanding Your Credit Evaluation


DEG CORENoted on the evaluation for students who are second degree seeking and hold a bachelor's degree from another regionally accredited institution. Lower-division general education requirements completed.
ELE CREDDenotes a transferable course that does not meet an ASU equivalent. (3000 & 4000 level courses cannot be awarded as equivalent unless approved by department chair.)
GEP METNoted on the evaluation once you have completed the Associate in Arts or Associate in Science from a North Carolina Community College with a grade of "C" or better in core courses (44 Hour Core). Lower-division general education requirements completed.
GEP MATMath course that counts toward the General Education Quantitative Literacy requirement.
P E ACTVDenotes a physical education activity course that may be used to meet a General Education Wellness Literacy requirement with completion of the online module. (See the RMPE website for more information.)
UCO METNoted on the evaluation for transfer students who have 24+ hours of transfer credit from another 2- or 4-year institution. First Year Seminar course (UCO 1200) waived. Note: AP, IB, CLEP, Cambridge & military credit do not count toward the 24-hour threshold.
APCRDenotes Advanced Placement credit awarded
TRCRDenotes transfer credit awarded without a specfic letter grade

Denotes a transfer course in progress (Please remember to send your final transcript prior to Orientation)


Denotes the course does not receive Appalachian credit.


Types of Credit Awarded

  • Elective : A course that does not meet an App State equivalent (3000 & 4000 level courses cannot be awarded as equivalent unless approved by department chair.)
  • AP: Advanced Placement – Credit awarded by meeting App State minimum score requirement.
  • IB: International Baccalaureate – Credit awarded by meeting App State minimum score requirement.
  • CLEP: College Level Examination Program – Credit awarded by meeting App State minimum score requirement.
  • Cambridge A/AS Level Exams - Credit awarded my meeting App State minimum score requirements.

Note: Score requirements for AP/IB/CLEP/Cambridge can be found here.

Things to Know:

  • If you feel that a course designated as “elective” should receive specific equivalent credit, you have the option to petition through the Transfer Admissions & Engagement. (transfer.appstate.edu/petition).
  • Appalachian does not accept grades lower than a “C." Grades of "C-" and below will not transfer.
  • Appalachian GPA is native to this campus.  Credits previously earned will transfer but grades do not affect the Appalachian GPA.  
  • Appalachian does not award duplicate credit.
  • Appalachian does not limit the amount of hours a student can transfer.
  • To receive credit for CLEP, AP, IB, and Cambridge courses, scores must be officially submitted to Appalachian.
  • Additional resources that may be helpful are: the General Education Program of Study (If you have not already completed your General Education requirements prior to enrolling), your major program of study and Four Year Guide to help keep you on track and minimize time to degree completion.
  • Academic Advising can assist in answering questions regarding how your courses apply into General Education and your major requirements. 


Graduation Residency Requirements

With some exceptions, coursework is defined as “in residence” when registration is through the University. The physical location at which the course is delivered, whether in Boone or through a field-based program, does not affect this definition. The following types of courses, however, are not considered “in residence”: transfer credit, credit by examination, credit for life experience, credit for military experience, credit while enrolled in a non-degree status, and “institutional” credit.

To graduate from Appalachian, an undergraduate student must complete the following in residence:

  1. a minimum of eighteen (18) semester hours in the major and (if applicable) nine (9) semester hours in the minor; and,
  2. at least 25% of the credit hours required for the degree.

Individual academic programs may specify particular courses that must be taken in residence. A student who intends to transfer coursework from other collegiate institutions should consult the program of study for her or his intended degree program.

Walker College of Business majors must complete in residence at least fifty percent of the business coursework required for the BSBA degree.

All baccalaureate degrees granted by Appalachian require the completion of a minimum of 50 semester hours at a senior college or university. (Note that credit awarded for credit by exam, military service, or “Life Experience” does not count as part of the required 50 hours.)

Questions about residency requirements should be directed to the dean of the college/school under which the degree program is offered.

(See Residency Requirements under "Academic Regulations" in the current Undergraduate Bulletin)

Questions regarding your evaluation?
Please contact the Transfer Admissions & Engagement at 828-262-7877 or transfer@appstate.edu