Transfer Advising

Resources to Assist You When Transferring

Dedicated Advisor
Our Transfer Transition Advisor assists prospective transfer students by advising for general education and major requirements while you are still at your community college or previous institution.

Transfer Guides
Baccalaureate Degree Plans and Transfer Guides are designed to assist transfer students with choosing appropriate coursework to meet both general education and major requirements.

Transfer Equivalency Course Search
The Transfer Equivalency Course Search is used to determine how courses completed at other institutions may transfer to Appalachian State University.

  • Please keep in mind that this list is comprised of courses that have transferred previously. If you do not see your school or course listed, it may mean we have not seen it previously.
  • Only courses will a grade of "C" or better are transferable to Appalachian.
  • The transfer GPA is used for admission purposes only and does not count toward the Appalachian GPA. The Appalachian GPA is computed only on the basis of coursework taken at Appalachian.
  • All coursework over ten years old will be reviewed by academic departments to determine transferability.
  • ASU does NOT accept remedial or developmental coursework.

Transferring CLEP, AP, and IB Credits
Visit the Testing Center to see how your test scores transfer to Appalachian.

Choose your transfer status for more information: