With an AA/AS transfer degree

With an AA/AS transfer degree

Transfer Guides

  • Transfer Guides are designed to assist North Carolina community college transfer students with choosing appropriate coursework at their current institution to meet both general education and major requirements.

Associate in Arts/Associate in Science

  • Completing an Associate in Arts or an Associate in Science (AA/AS) from a North Carolina Community College with a grade of “C” or above in ALL of the core coursework assures that you will meet the lower level division general education requirements at ASU. This will allow you to move smoothly into your major coursework.
  • Students with a "D" in the degree should contact Kristin Hyle in the Office of General Education at hylekm@appstate.edu

Reverse Transfer

  • North Carolina's Reverse Transfer Program is a state initiative in which students are rewarded for credit they have already earned or will earn at the four year university. The program is designed to award an associate degree to students who previously attended a North Carolina Community College and fulfilled the associate degree requirements while working towards a bachelor’s degree at a North Carolina university.

    Reverse Transfer: Procedure for Students

    1. Log into Appalnet and click on student tab
    2. You will receive a Pop-Up requesting participation
    3. You can ignore the “pop up” twice. The third time it appears, you will have to make a selection in order to access “student information.”
    4. By virtue of “opt in”, you sign an agreement stating that you will follow Appalachian’s curriculum towards the baccalaureate degree and that you understand that academic advisors and/or the Office of Transfer Services cannot provide advising for community college coursework.
    5. Once you “opt in” no further action from you is required.

    NOTE: If you are awarded the Associate in Arts or Associate in Science degree through the Reverse Transfer program, Appalachian will honor the degree to meet our General Education requirements. Your advisor can only advise you on Appalachian’s degree requirements. It is your responsibility to understand your community college requirements for completing an Associate in Arts or Associate in Science degree.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Please see the official Reverse Transfer Program Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for eligibility and answers to all your questions.